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On all three days of this event, there is a superb variety of live entertainment that will include live music and performances.

Children are sure to enjoy the  Christmas card/ Ornament Workshop in Silverton Gallery and this year’s special kids contest.

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Live Entertainment

The Live Music Program brings musicians from the community, Nelson, and Nakusp towards Silverton. Beside well-known musicians there are also new groups on stage this year. And some of them will have their premiere on Christmas by the Lake.

Fireside Choir

matthew_fryThere will be a bonfire choir again to sing traditional Christmas Carols.

It's at the opening night of CHRISTMAS BY THE LAKE.

BTW: Everybody who loves singing is welcome to join.


The Mental Health Club

mental_health_clubAgain at Christmas by the Lake: 

Felicity Gerwing and The Mental Health Club from Slocan.

They have a very traditional, folky, oldtime sound with really nice harmonies.

Last year it was a big hit!

Slocan Valley Community Band

slocan_community_bandAlready well-known the band will fill the stage and entertain the crowd with their fabulous performance:

Slocan Valley Community Band

Mots and Oats


New at Christmas by the Lake are Melissa McCready & Shannon Moldenhauer and Mots and Oats.

This duo known for powerful harmonies and feel good songs. 

We are very excited.

For more info visit:



Hank Hasting with his Accordion

hank_w_accordionAgain well known local musician Hank Hasting will play music on his accordion for Christmas by the Lake.

Leah Main & Micheal Dorsey

leah_michealWell-known local musicians which once more returning to  Christmas by the Lake's stage:

Leah & Micheal

Lucerne School Kids Chior

lucerne_school_choirThe legendary choir will perform on Sunday again. Always fun to see it and listen. This fun you will never forget.

As in previous years, the Christmas Village, with its sparkling, festive lights and busy booths, is set before the historic Silverton Gallery. Visitors will be fascinated to watch demonstrations of various traditional crafts. For example in the Christmas Village the glass blower from OURGLASS STUDIO&GALLERY, and blacksmithing by Patrick McIvor (NEW).

Once again the celebrated sculptor Peter Vogelaar will creating beautiful ice sculptures and the legendary, exciting ice slide – so popular and enchanting for children. 

Blacksmith Patrick McIvor 

patmcivorDancing Scot Forge (Patrick McIvor) is a traditional blacksmith shop located in the West Kootenays near Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. They enjoy designing and developing interior furnishings, exterior decor, and functional art. They use traditional techniques to build contemporary functional art including tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, and any other objects our clients dream of.

Visit dancingscotforge.com for more information.

Glass Blower Dan Farden


Again at Christmas by the Lake is Dan Farden . He is professional glass blower and run the OURGLASS STUDIO&GALLERY in Nelson. He is very excited to return and have lots of ideas for christmas ornaments to blow.

Visit www.ourglass.ca for more information.


Ice Slide & Sculptures by Peter Vogelaar 


Peter Vogelaar (World Olympic champions and winners of the 2006 Quebec International Sand Sculpture Contest) have been sculpting snow since 1992 and sand since 2002. His sculptures are intended to create a sense of wonder and surprise, both in the subject matter and use of the medium. With the sculptures being of such an ethereal nature, they strive to create images which will live long in the memory of the viewer.

Visit www.snowsculpture.com for more information.

The Grinch - Larry Zaleski

larry_the_grinchThroughout the day, Larry will steal Kris Kringle's sack of presents and running off while children and Kringle himself will chase the Grinch down.

Santa Claus - Bill Johnston

santa_listenThis year Bill Johnston will listen what kids want (and how much the parents like to pay for it).

Gingerbread Man

gingerbread_manHe will:

Run fast and never look back,
Run, run fast as she can,
Shout, “Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man,
I’m the gingerbread man out of the pan!”?

New Denver Royalties

royalties_2008The New Denver’s Mayday Queen and Princesses will launch Christmas by the Lake by lighting the Christmas Village and welcoming guests.

Sadie & Amy

illuminadisFire Spinning and Glow Hoops Show

Moon Phase


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